How to Build a Wall

A picture tells a thousand words so we've attached a drawing of a basic climbing wall.

Click image above to view a larger version

Depending on where you want to build your wall, your design will probably differ but this will give you a good start. try and use existing structural components in your garage or house such as stairs or beams. an indoor wall is much better as you can train when the weather is bad and your wood will not get damaged by the elements. essentially follow the following procedure:

Invite all your mates around, get some nice cold drinks going and crank up some good music.

Drill a 200x200mm matrix of 10mm holes and then bang your M8 galvanised t-nuts into the back of your wooden panels (interior pine ply 18x1220x2440mm)

Start with the bottom kick-board. bolt 2 horizontal beams onto the wall using countersunk holes and M10 rawl bolts. then, using self-tapping 50mm screws, screw the kick-board      on. a 500mm high kickboard is advised.

For a 2440mm wide wall, build 3 frames using 114x38mm rough pine beams. bolt the beams together with M10x90mm cup square bolts or using beefy gangnails.

Using stout steel brackets and M10 rawl bolts bolt the 3 frames on the wall so they will act as "ribs" to support the panels.

Screw the panels onto the frames using self-tapping screws. Place the panels horizontally. a vertical section is recommended at the top of 500mm in height and is also attached      using self-tapping screws. You may need to reinforce the corner between the panels with a block of wood screwed behind, between the frames.

Buy some mattresses to soften your falls.

Bolt on all those groovy Gecko Grips and get cranking!

Please Note This is only a guide for building a climbing wall and Gecko Grips takes no responsibility for any incidents if your wall has not been built strong enough. Please consult a structural engineer if you are not sure.