DIY Your Wall With Gecko Grips


Wooden or Plywood walls (also jungle gyms)

Everybody has a different space to turn into a wall, so these are general guidelines. If you want to create a grid pattern of t-nuts on a standard 1.2 X 2.4M plywood board (or any board), here’s a great layout. Using a 10mm drill bit, drill your holes as below:

You then knock a t-nut into the back of each hole.

If you’re not creating a grid pattern, simply drill your 10mm holes wherever you wish to place your grips, and insert your t-nuts. Once your t-nuts are in place, line up your grip over the t-nut hole and put your bolt through the grip, tightening it into the t-nut using an allen key. Then climb on!


Masonry or brick walls

Although traditionally, grips are not designed to be attached to these walls, it is sometimes the only option. Here’s what you need to do:

To attach to a brick wall, you will need to buy M8 rawl shields (expansion plugs) – picture below. A 13mm drill bit suitable to your wall type will make the right size hole into which you insert the shields. You then attach the grips by lining them up over the shield hole inserting the bolt through the grip and into the shield, using an Allen key to tighten them from the front.

Because our grips are made of polyester resin, which is a very hard-curing material, you need to do a bit of preparation to help ensure their flat backs do not spin on the hard wall, or crack when tightened against it. The simplest way is to get a tube of silicone and smear a thin layer (3mm is fine) on the back of each grip, allowing it to dry before bolting it onto your wall. This will provide some cushioning as well as purchase on the hard surface.

I hope this provides clarity and that you have loads of fun creating your climbing space. Should you need any further advice, please email me on or WhatsApp on 073 297 5840