Who are our biggest (smallest) clients? Kids! From an energetic toddler to a budding teenage mountaineer - every day we’re chatting to parents who want to encourage their children’s love and natural ability for climbing by building them their very own climbing wall at home. And it’s not just parents who see the value in this fantastic sport - teachers, occupational therapists and interior designers are some of the people who call us weekly to discuss the potential a wall can offer to their little charges.

A climbing wall helps to develop confidence, agility, co-ordination and gross motor skills.

It’s like a puzzle which needs to be solved many times over! Get kids off the couch and away from their screens and onto something challenging which keeps them moving, burning energy and, if they get into it, will keep them fit for life.

To help you get 3 steps ahead of us, here’s what you need to consider and figure out when you want to build a wall for your child:

- Are you attaching our grips to a masonry (brick) wall, or are you going to put a traditional plywood climbing wall up? We thoroughly recommend doing the plywood wall! It’s a simple weekend project which anyone handy with a drill and saw can accomplish (see our link for How to Build a Wall). When attaching to a masonry wall, your grips are put in their place and then that’s where they stay. If you do the plywood method, you can move your grips around whenever you like - allowing for new, challenging routes to be attempted by your child as often as they like.

You can also paint or decorate the plywood before putting it up, making for a fun statement piece!

Whichever you decide, you will need to let us know the square metre area of your wall, so that we can recommend the number of grips comfortable for your child’s age group.

When it comes to laying your grips out on the wall, this really comes down to common sense, based on your child’s reach and abilities. We do have some climbing route problems in our Useful Info tab should you be looking for some inspiration, otherwise Google can lead you to some awesome ideas! (see our link for DIY Your Wall With Gecko Grips).