Pricing and Ordering

Colour and Shape Variations

Not all the listed shapes are always available as we sometimes retire shapes and make way for new ones - please contact us regarding the various shapes and colors.

Courier and Packaging Fees

Prices exclude courier fees and packaging. Alternatively, if you live in the Cape Town area, you may wish to collect your grips directly from us. Contact us for details.

Lead Times

Lead time completely depends on what orders we have stacked up at the time. We prefer not to keep a lot of stock, as most of our orders are quite specific, so we make them to order. Anything from 1 to 7 days to get your order onto a truck / ready for collection. Please be patient and don’t wait till the last minute to order (like if your kid wants their wall up THIS weekend!)

Wholesale and Large Orders

Individual grips as well as sets are available for retailers (and others who sell grips on in other products like kids’ jungle gyms) at wholesale prices. Wholesale inquiries are welcome - most retailers prefer the pre-packaged sets with header cards that come with cap screws and t-nuts.

Please note! We only accept cash or EFT payments at present.

2017 prices for Gecko Grips are as follows:

Individual Grips:
Small R24.00 each
Medium R41.00 each
Large R63.00 each
X-Large R97.00 each
T-nuts (8x11mm galvanized steel) R1 each
Cap-screws (8x45mm socket heads) R3 each
Sets: (these can be packaged for retail or gifting in a Ziploc bag with a GG header card {add R5} – otherwise they are packaged in Ziploc bags only, for separation purposes)
Small (6 Small Grips, 6 t-nuts, 6 cap-screws) R170
Medium (4 Medium Grips, 4 t-nuts, 4 cap-screws) R170
Large (3 Large Grips, 3 t-nuts, 4 cap-screws) R185
Mixed (1 Small, 2 Medium & 1 Large Grip, 4 t-nuts, 4 cap-screws) R170
Chip Set (9 chips with wood screws) R150
Tablet (2 with bolts and sleeves) R170
Hangdog Training Board R740
Kid’s Set
Wood wall (4 Medium, 2 Large grips, 6 t-nuts, 6
Masonry wall (4 medium, 2 Large grips, 6 rawl
shields, 6 cap screws)

We can make up a selection of small, medium and large grips in various colors, depending on your needs and after discussing your climbing level and wall steepness. We are very happy to make up bespoke orders in the colors/shapes of your choice!